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Program 3: Engaged Communities

A community’s carbon footprint is ultimately determined by the choices made by individual people, resident groups, industrialists and businesses. This program focused on understanding and influencing consumer behaviour and decision-making in order to reduce the carbon intensity of modern lifestyles.

The use of both qualitative and quantitative research ensured a full understanding of why communities behave the way they do and how they can transition them to low carbon ways of living. Policy scenario analysis quantified the effectiveness of alternative options, providing an evidence base for policy development by government partners. 

New low carbon living strategies that mobilise cultural and social capitals to empower communities to make low carbon choices were demonstrated. 

CRC research findings were fully road tested in “living laboratories” to ensure that results were robust, tangible and appealing to a broad range of communities. The results were used to develop community education and training resources, including those for mass media dissemination.