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RP3021: Media and Communication Strategies to Achieve Carbon Reduction Through Renovation of Australia’s Existing Housing

Project leader name: 
Professor Kath Hulse and Dr Aneta Podkalicka
Project status: 
Project period: 
07/2014 to 09/2017

Project leaders: Professor Kath Hulse and Dr Aneta Podkalicka

Research team: Associate Professor Esther Milne, Dr Gavin Melles and Ms Tomi Winfree

Home renovation provides a major opportunity to reduce the very significant carbon dioxide emissions from Australia’s almost 8 million existing occupied dwellings whilst achieving owners’ other objectives. Current ‘top down’ education approaches aimed at changing behaviours have, however, been relatively ineffective.

This is an innovative project designed to provide an alternative approach that focuses on changing home renovation practices in Australia – it is exploring how media is used for advice and information, engaging practitioners, for social communication and popular education in the renovation process. The project integrates methodologies and expertise from across media and communication studies, sociology and design, and works with a range of industry partners.

Its key aim is to explore the role of media across the full spectrum of mainstream and social media and its potential to contribute to making low carbon home renovation practices the norm.

The project includes an important contribution from design/co-design methodologies to develop and assess innovative media and communication strategies to support mainstream adoption of low carbon products and practices as an integral part of renovation projects, enabling decarbonisation of the existing residential building stock.

Publications related to this project

Peer Reviewed Research Publications

In this article, the author argues for the multiple impacts of non-commercial design outputs for design research, the role of prototypes as arguments, and integration of student engagement for situated learning.

Peer Reviewed Research Publications

This paper seeks to uncover a diversity of economic practices and engagement by home renovators, predominantly homeowners.

CRCLCL Project Reports

This is the third report of a project which aims to explore the role and capacity of media to influence home renovation practices in established homes to produce more energy efficient outcomes and contribute to reducing Australia’s carbon emissions.

CRCLCL Project Posters
Student Poster – Participants Annual Forum 2017 - Shae Hunter MEDIA AND HOME RENOVATION: SHAPING CARBON FUTURES
CRCLCL Project Posters
Student Poster – Participants Annual Forum 2017 - Aggeliki Aggeli THE AUSTRALIAN HOME RENOVATION: MEDIA & DESIGN CHOICES
CRCLCL Project Reports
The second report from this project tells the story of the Home Renovators’ Media World. It provides a more detailed and nuanced understanding of the roles of media in home renovation processes, from the perspective of renovators.
CRCLCL Project Posters
Student poster - Participants Annual Forum 2016 - Shae Hunter Media and the ideal home: Shaping carbon futures
CRCLCL Project Reports

This is the first report of a project examining ways of making energy efficient home renovations mainstream rather than a niche activity as is currently the case. 

CRCLCL Project Posters

Student Poster – Participants Annual Forum 2015 – Aggeliki Aggeli

Low carbon home renovation in Australia: towards a participatory prototype to support stakeholders choices

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