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Program 1: Integrated Building Systems

This program developed:

  • building-integrated multipurpose solar products,
  • low-carbon-lifecycle building construction components/ materials, and
  • integrated design, energy rating and reduction methodologies

These outputs targeted next generation construction practices, where step-change emission cuts are required. New design tools, rating frameworks and Australian Standards underpinned and stimulate the market for low carbon buildings, products and services.

The building fabric represents around 15% of building lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions, and presents a significant opportunity for carbon reduction. This is currently a problem in carbon footprint terms, but innovative use of fabric materials and design provides a significant opportunity for incorporating passive and active renewable energy solutions. The potential was evident from the scale of roof area in Australian cities, which receive enough sunlight to power all of Australia’s built environment needs. The challenge of the program was to re-envision Australian building materials, construction practices and appliance technologies as integrated low carbon and renewable energy systems.