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RP3021: Project Report 2: Hashtag Sustainability? Home Renovators’ Media World

The second report from this project tells the story of the Home Renovators’ Media World. It provides a more detailed and nuanced understanding of the roles of media in home renovation processes, from the perspective of renovators. Such an understanding is essential in developing more effective communication and community engagement to achieve home renovations which are more energy efficient and which contribute to lower carbon dioxide emissions "Hashtag Sustainability? Home Renovators’ Media World" builds on work begun in the first report from this project, called ‘I’d just Google it’: media and home renovation practices in Australia. Report 1 outlined renovators’ motivations, influences and the ways in which they sought information and expertise. It began to investigate the role of different types of media at various stages of the renovation process: ideas, design, development and building work.

RP3021 Report 2: Hashtag Sustainability? Home Renovators’ Media World (1372365 PDF)

RP3021: Media and Communication Strategies to Achieve Carbon Reduction Through Renovation of Australia’s Existing Housing