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RP3033: Mainstreaming Low Carbon Housing Precincts – The White Gum Valley Living Laboratory

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Professor Peter Newman and Dr Josh Byrne
Project status: 
Project period: 
07/2015 to 07/2019

White Gum Valley (WGV) is a 2.2ha medium density, 80 dwelling residential infill development located in the City of Fremantle. Led by the WA State Government’s land development agency LandCorp, WGV demonstrates design excellence on a number of levels by incorporating diverse building typologies (detached houses, town houses and apartments), climate sensitive considerations, creative urban greening and innovative water management strategies. This Living Laboratory project will follow the development process at WGV from construction, to completion, through to occupancy, with a focus on the mechanism used to achieve low carbon outcomes, their acceptance and uptake, with a view to making them mainstream.

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CRCLCL Project Reports

WGV has been the subject of several research projects being led by Curtin University in collaboration with government and industry partners. The development is described as a ‘Living Lab’2 where concepts, technologies and practices are created and tested in a real-life setting. This Report...

CRCLCL Project Reports

This report reviews the range of performance monitoring activities at WGV fulfilling different purposes. 

CRCLCL Project Posters
Student Poster – Participants Annual Forum 2017 - Tanya Babaeff WGV living lab: Community participation in mainstreaming low carbon housing precincts.
Peer Reviewed Research Publications

Green, J. and Newman, P. (2017), 'Citizen utilities, The emerging power paradigm'. Energy Policy, vol. 105 (published online 24 March 2017).

CRCLCL Project Posters
Student poster - Participants Annual Forum 2016 - Tanya Babaeff Governance and community engagement for mainstreaming low carbon housing precincts
Fact sheet
WGV demonstrates precinct-scale design excellence on a number of levels by incorporating diverse building typologies, climate sensitive considerations, plus creative urban greening and water management strategies.

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