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RP3033 & 3033u2: Report: WGV Living Lab: Performance Monitoring Design Report

This report reviews the range of performance monitoring activities at WGV fulfilling different purposes. Some activities are long term, for example where monitoring is required for service provision and end-user billing. Others are likely to be shorter term such as data collection for research purposes. In many cases, the equipment deployed to meet the needs of one activity is utilised to fulfil another for efficiency. A summary of the main monitoring activities is: 

  • Equipment performance assessment by system managers and/or service providers such as strata scale solar energy systems, or the management of the community bore non-drinking water scheme (long term).
  • Internal billing of residents for energy and water use by apartment building strata managers, or billing agents (long term).
  • Resident feedback on energy and water use via data dashboards (short to medium term).
  • Accessing performance data by researchers and industry (short to medium term).

RP3033 & 3033u2: WGV Living Lab: Performance Monitoring Design Report (3981882 PDF)

RP3033: Mainstreaming Low Carbon Housing Precincts – The White Gum Valley Living Laboratory
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