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RP3012: Environmental Attitudes - Low Carbon Behavioural Practice

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Yoshihisa Kashima
Project status: 
Project period: 
06/2014 to 06/2018

To transform our culture to low carbon living, we need to find what most people are currently doing, what new and alternative practices are there to reduce their carbon footprint, and what psychological, societal, and cultural processes need to be activated to travel the distance. For this purpose, this project will examine the social psychology of behavioural change, and construct a Low Carbon Readiness Index - a valid, reliable, and practical psychological indicator of people’s psychological readiness for transition to low carbon living, and predictor of people’s willingness to change their behaviours to low carbon alternatives.

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Peer Reviewed Research Publications

This paper presents a theoretical argument that low carbon strivings – personal goals to reduce carbon footprint in the household – can predict a wide range of diverse behaviours to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reports four studies to validate Low Carbon Readiness Index (LCRI), a short,...

CRCLCL Project Reports

This report was compiled as a milestone for the CRC Project: Transformation to Low Carbon Living - Social psychology of low carbon behavioural practice (RP3012)

CRCLCL Project Reports
This is the final report for the transformation to low carbon living project which had three objectives: (1) Compile a catalogue of low carbon behavioural practices. (2) Establish a social psychological foundation for behavioural change and transformation to low carbon living. (3) Develop a Low...
CRCLCL Project Posters
Student Poster – Participants Annual Forum 2017 - Rebekah Anderson THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LOW CARBON LIVING
Fact sheet

This guide note has been provided to assist our researchers in enabling greater uptake and use of their research by applying insights from social and environmental psychology.

CRCLCL Project Posters
Student poster - Participants Annual Forum 2016 - Rebekah Anderson Modelling low carbon household behaviours
CRCLCL Project Posters

Student poster - Participants Annual Forum 2015 - Rebekah Anderson

Modelling and predicting carbon-relevant household behaviours

CRCLCL Project Posters

Research Snapshot A3 size poster from Participants Annual Forum 2014

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