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RP1011: Report: Sustainable and affordable living through modular homes and communities - Final Report

This report presents a summary of all the findings and activities performed in the LCL-CRC research project RP1011 “Sustainable and affordable living through modular homes and communities” and represents the culmination of the project. 

The main objective of the project was to develop innovative designs, evaluate current and future technologies, and establish assessment processes that would both contibute to the wider research and knowledge of the project’s field and  allow the projects industry partner; Nova Deko, to manufacture sustainable, net zero energy, and affordable homes and communities, based on transportable modular units (Pods). 

rp1011 crclcl final report 17 june 2016 (2195540 PDF)

RP1011: Sustainable and Affordable Living Through Modular, Net Zero Energy, Transportable, and Self-Reliant Homes and Communities