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SP0012u1: Final Report: Preliminary design of a smart climatic road in Phillip St. Parramatta

This indepth study aimed to pre-design and optimise a smart climatic street in Parramatta, named Phillip Street, exhibiting high climatic, environmental, and energy performance. The specific objective of the study was to propose, investigate, and optimise the combination of advanced thermal mitigation and smart technologies to improve thermal comfort and mitigate the urban overheating in the area.

From all simulations performed under three different conditions, such as mean maximum, heatwave and winter conditions, it emerges that Western part of Phillip St., Parramatta, presents higher air temperatures than Eastern part, confirming the monitoring results.

Ten mitigation scenarios were simulated under three conditions and most of them (e.g., solar control, cool pavements, and greenery) demonstrated a positive cooling potential during the warm season and negligible effect during the cool season.

final report 31 5 2019 phillip st. crclcl (26407095 PDF)

SP0012u2: Preliminary design of a Smart Climatic Road in Phillip Street Parramatta