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RP3043: Report: East Village: A sustainable urbanism project by LandCorp

This report documents the innovations related to sustainable urbanism incorporated into the LandCorp WA Government land development agency) project called East Village, within the Knutsford Precinct, approximately 1.5 km east of Fremantle. The project on 1.5ha consists of 36 townhouses established within a survey strata framework, plus two adjoining apartment sites for 60 dwellings. The project represents a significant innovation in residential development in Perth, Western Australia. 

The project is the result of integrated design and systems thinking with considerable attention to issues of low carbon design East Village features the latest innovations aimed at total electric living, including electric vehicle fast charging, solar panels and battery storage, provision for an electric vehicle car share scheme, waterwise homes and private and public gardens.

The project incorporates Australia’s first blockchain ready homes, with new residents participating in leading trials of this new technology providing the opportunity for residents to access 100% renewable energy. The project has been designed and modelled to deliver energy and water savings, renewable energy revenues and a range of homes with adaptable spaces for home offices.

rp3043 final report east village (5415684 PDF)

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