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RP1020: Field Performance of Geopolymer Concrete Structures

A major barrier to the adoption of Geopolymer concrete in construction is the lack of long-term performance data. Field testing can determine the behaviour of geopolymers in different service environments and address the gaps in knowledge. The University of New South Wales and Swinburne University of Technology undertook field testing to examine durability aspects including carbonation, chloride ingress, reinforcement corrosion and acid attack. This report describes: in-situ testing and core sampling of Geopolymer concrete at four sites across Australia; long-term performance monitoring of two Geopolymer concrete structures; and in-situ test procedures to investigate the biogenic corrosion of mortar specimens.

crclcl rp1020 final report gpc field testing final 260218 (23378406 PDF)

RP1020: Reducing Barriers for Commercial Adaptation of Construction Materials with Low-Embodied-Carbon
RP1020u1: Demonstrating the practical use of geopolymer concrete: high density coastal protection units