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Final report on CRCLCL Living Labs

The CRC LCL is involved in 17 Living Labs, now consolidated to 15, which has been the subject of a project to coordinate, manage and look to the future. During the first five years of the CRC LCL the Living Labs have been under development and there has been a significant investment by the universities with their business and societal partners. As with Living Labs globally this period has seen a significant development of the meaning and concept of the Living Lab and this has resulted in different interpretations and applications. A typology for the diverse nature of the Australian Living Labs was established and an interactive story map detailing the labs across Australia has been published on-line. In 2017 a systematic literature review of business models for Living Labs was carried out to provide a global benchmark for developing the Australian open innovation network.

RP3045 Final Synthesis Report (1590641 PDF)

RP3045: Living Labs Coordinator