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Field Investigation of Biogenic Corrosion of Mortar Specimens at North Head Wastewater Treatment Plant

This report outlines the results if a three-year study into biogenic corrosion of mortar in an aggressive environment. While concrete is one of the most widely used materials in the transportation and treatment of sewage, it is subject to rapid decay under in a sewage environment due to acids produced due to the action of bacterial and fungal species combined with sulphate attack. The effect of the biogenic or microbially induced corrosion of concrete in sewers can be many millimetres per year. The rate of corrosive attack on concrete is dependent on the type of cementitious material used, exposure environment and the materials microstructure.

crclcl biogenic corrosion final report rp1020u2 (4878872 PDF)

RP1020u2 - Durability of geopolymer products in sewage environment