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RP3021u1: Report: Renovate or Rebuild Pilot Project - Final Report

This is the final report for RP3021u1 Renovate or Rebuild Pilot Project.  The research has shown that current ‘top down’ education approaches aimed at changing consumer behaviours to adopt sustainable housing options (including concepts like net zero energy homes) have been largely ineffective.

This project built on key findings of research conducted within the CRCLCL that communicating sustainability in a more mainstream way could significantly improve uptake of sustainable and energy efficient homes.

This project aimed to validate the approach through a pilot lifestyle mass media program. The approach had two key objectives to explore the use of mainstream media to:

  1. Stimulate demand from consumers for net zero energy homes
  2. Create a “path to market” for net zero energy home designs/ products.

RP3021u1: Renovate or Rebuild Pilot Project - Final Report (1587301 PDF)

RP3021u1: Application of CRCLCL social research to activate the uptake of low carbon housing via popular mass media communications