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RP3008: Foreground Paper: Disruptive social innovation for a low-carbon world

This paper reviews various innovations in the sociocultural sphere – innovations that have the potential to ‘disrupt’ the current trajectory and rapidly reorient the world toward a low-carbon future. 

Highlighting areas such as;

  • The Fossil Fuel ‘Divestment’ Campaign
  • Transition Initiatives
  • Collaborative Consumption and the Sharing Economy
  • Innovative Approaches to Renewable Energy: Transcending Political Paralysis
  • Reconstructing Food Systems from the Ground Up
  • The ‘Voluntary Simplicity’ Movement: Reimagining the Good Life
  • Redefining ‘Progress’ through Alternative Indicators to GDP 
  • Taking Control: Direct Action, Political Protest, and Democratic Awakening

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RP3008: Visions and Pathways 2040