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RP3007: Journal Article: Who owns an energy transition? Strategic action fields and community wind energy in Denmark

This paper investigates the development of, and changes in, the field of community renewable energy in Denmark since it commenced in the late 1970s. The focus is on community wind projects.

The authors use an organisational and institutional theory perspective following Fligstein and McAdam’s concept of strategic action fields. Within this framework the authors explore the rise, decline and revitalisation of CRE fields and respond to the research question of ‘how and why the field of CRE in Denmark changed’. Input data comprise document analysis supplemented by quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

The results indicate the following: firstly, the mobilisation of CRE action is closely related to normative elements of shared identification and objectives that go beyond environmental and technology motivations. Secondly the state dependence and growth trajectory requires some additional support structures that are able to reflect the unique nature of CRE projects. Thirdly, top-down measures accompanied by local approaches ensure that the acceptance of RE can be fostered through the CRE approach.

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RP3007: Opportunities and challenges for the development and implementation of community-scale renewable energy projects