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RP2014: Conference Paper: Developing a sustainability indicator set for measuring green infrastructure performance

2015, At Italy; Conference paper presented at Urban Planning and Architecture Design for Sustainable Development, UPADSD. Pakzad, P. and Osmond, P., Developing a sustainability indicator set for measuring green infrastructure performance.


An urban ecosystem is a dynamic system. Therefore, regular monitoring through the use of measurable indicators will enable an assessment of performance and effectiveness. This paper presents a conceptual framework to facilitate the development of an inclusive model for the sustainability assessment of green infrastructure. The framework focuses on key interactions between human health, ecosystem services and ecosystem health. This study reviews existing models for assessing green infrastructure performance and evaluates these models via a range of selection criteria proposed by the authors based on literature review and interviews with stakeholders. This enables derivation of a novel conceptual framework that identifies and brings together the criteria and key indicators. This integrated framework may then be applied to develop a composite indicator-based assessment model to measure and monitor performance of green infrastructure projects and support future studies.
RP2014: Quantifying the Contribution of Green Infrastructure to Carbon and Energy Performance