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RP2006: Journal Article: Planning and governance for decentralised energy assets in medium-density housing: the WGV Gen Y case study

The energy needs of most urban populations are serviced with centralised, fossil fuel based generation and transmission infrastructure. However, with the advent of affordable solar and storage technology, this will likely move towards an increasingly hybridised and decentralised model. While many households presently benefit from stand-alone solar photovoltaic systems, in higher density areas this technology is difficult to provide due to the way multi-dwelling buildings are governed.

This paper examines a case study for a multi-dwelling, residential building called Gen Y within a bigger innovative development called WGV, in which a planning and governance structure has been developed to provide both financial incentive for the installation of renewable energy in multi-dwelling buildings, as well as to demonstrate how planning can best optimise the behind-the-meter installation and management of solar and battery technology. It suggests the building management company can become a precinct-scale utility.

RP2006: FredZED - Mainstreaming LC Housing in WA