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RP2005 Conference Paper: Assessment of heatwave impacts

Hatvani-Kovacs, G., Belusko, M., Pockett, J., Boland, J., 2016. Assessment of heatwave impacts. Procedia Engineering 4th Int. Conf. Countermeasures to Urban Heat Island, 30-31 May 1 June 2016, Natl. Univ. Singapore 169, 316–323


The frequency and intensity of urban heatwaves (UHWs) have been growing worldwide due to climate change and the exacerbating effects of urban heat islands (UHIEs). UHWs have many negative impacts, including excess negative health outcomes (e.g. morbidity), energy (consumption and peak demand) and water consumption. Most studies have evaluated these impacts separately even though there is an interplay between them. The study assessed the daily excess morbidity, energy demand and consumption, and water supply in the Adelaide metropolitan region during heatwaves, between January 2008 and March 2014. The assessment quantifies the thresholds and the increase in each impact relative to temperature increase. The demonstrated negative impacts on public health, and energy and water resources, potentially exacerbated by UHIEs, justify the importance of interdisciplinary research and integrated policy changes on the mitigation of and adaptation to heatwaves.

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RP2005: Urban Micro Climates