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SP0016: Final Building Code Energy Performance Trajectory Final Technical Report

This report is the Final Technical Report for the Building Code Energy Performance Trajectory Project accompanying the Built to Perform report. The intent of this report is to provide more details on the underlying assumptions and results from the modelling work performed. The study sought to identify energy efficiency measures for which the capital cost is outweighed by financial benefits (‘cost-beneficial’) from a societal perspective over a 40 year lifetime of the technology. In both residential and commercial buildings, a range of measures were found to individually achieve a benefit-to-cost ratio (BCR) of between 1.0 and 1.5 (where, a BCR of 1 brings the same lifetime value as cost and a BCR of 1.5 brings 1.5 times the value, e.g. $15,000 for $10,000 cost) and when measures were combined there was increased potential to implement more measures together while remaining cost beneficial.

sp0016 trajectory project final tech report (19985377 PDF)

SP0016: Building Code Energy Performance Trajectory Project