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SP0016 Built to Perform: An industry led pathway to a zero carbon ready building code (final report)

The National Construction Code is a ready-made policy instrument to influence the energy efficiency of new buildings and major renovations. Improved building energy efficiency presents a win-win-win solution, reducing stress on the electricity network and supporting a least-cost pathway to decarbonisation while also delivering cost savings and improved comfort to households and businesses. Improvements to the Code can have a large impact because new construction adds up fast: More than half of the buildings expected to be standing in 2050 will be built after the next update of the Code in 2019. The Building Code Energy Performance Trajectory Project is an industry-led initiative seeking improvements to the energy requirements in the Code. This final report is focused on the establishment of a long-term trajectory for Code energy requirements for both residential and non-residential buildings.

180703 asbec cwa built to perform zero carbon ready building code web 1 (2692510 PDF)

SP0016: Building Code Energy Performance Trajectory Project