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RP3003: Final Report: A low carbon living spatial data hub: Establishing the case for the development of an integrated spatial data server and analysis capacity for the CRCLCL

This scoping project sits across two of the three program areas of the CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL). It aims to assess the  scope for developing an integrated building level and cadastrally organised relational  database and analysis capacity to link the full range of geo-coded data which will be necessary to operationalize the Living Laboratory concept as well as the broader objectives  of the CRC LCL. It also reviews the requirements generated by the need to undertake a range of  survey and spatial modelling activities at a range of spatial scales to  both support specific research projects as well as to form a significant research tool in its own right.  

taeihagh and randolph a low carbon living spatial data hub final 2 march 2014 (2942861 PDF)

RP3003: Low Carbon Living Spatial Data Hub