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RP2005: Overview of Comparative study of major contributors to the Urban Heat Island effect in three Australian cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide

Overview of the $1.2 million research initiative to identify cost-effective strategies for mitigation of urban heat islands in Australian cities. ‘Urban Micro Climates: Comparative Study of Major Contributors to the Urban Heat Island (UHI) in three Australian cities (Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide)’ is a three-based urban strategy for decision makers and policy formulation to reduce heat stress in three Australian cities.
This project will develop a cross-disciplinary, multi-scale understanding of Australian cities’ microclimates, by focusing on the UHI effect and the interplay between urban form, density, surfaces and ambient temperature. It will be undertaken collaboratively by researchers from three universities, the CRC-WSC, two city councils, government bodies and industry partners.

rp2005 urban micro climates booklet (8998277 PDF)

RP2005: Urban Micro Climates