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RP1009: The Tenant's Role in Creating the Business Case for High Performance Low-Carbon Buildings: Systematic Literature Review and Post Occupancy Evaluation

The ultimate test of the business case for high performance low carbon building is to consider how the human benefits of these buildings could be reliably quantified to prove beyond all doubt the positive Return on Investment (ROI). After all, staff costs, including salaries and benefits, typically account for about 90% of business operating costs. Therefore, what may appear a modest improvement in employee health or productivity can have a huge financial implication for employers – one that is many times larger than other financial savings associated with an efficiently designed and operated building.

In this report, the researchers explore the potential of tenants/owners occupying high performance low carbon buildings to create positive environmental behaviours among the occupants so that the building should perform as it is. 

rp1009 tenants role in creating business case for high performance low carbon builings final reportv2 subhaparida (1755743 PDF)

RP1009: Closing the Loop on Evidence-Based Low Carbon Design of Non-Residential Buildings