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RP1006: Lochiel Park Monitoring Case Study

This report delivers a part of the first year outputs of RP1006: Viable Integrated Systems for Zero Carbon Housing, including a review of national and international house energy rating schemes and a review of Australian and some international residential energy monitoring program case studies. It focuses on one of the foremost Australian-based housing energy monitoring programs, the Lochiel Park Green Village in South Australia, which is Australia's leading sustainable housing development. It summarises the energy consumption and on site generation data collected the estate and discusses the overall performance of the houses, based on a continuous monitoring period of 24 months. 

The case study demonstrates that low energy housing is currently achievable and highlights that modern design concepts and building practices can significantly reduce the energy demand for new houses and dependence on utility infrastructure and (typically) fossil fuel derived energy sources. 

RP1006 Lochiel Park Monitoring Case Study (660849 PDF)

RP1006: Viable Integrated Systems for Zero Carbon Housing Systems