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RP2015: Carbon Reductions and Co-Benefits: Literature and Practice Review of Australian Policies Relating Urban Planning and Public Health

Project leader name: 
Professor Michael Taylor
Project status: 
Project period: 
06/2014 to 06/2015

This scoping study will report on a literature and practice review of Australian policies relating to urban planning and public health, and provide information on current (ie baseline) levels of active transport usage in Australia’s major cities (using available data from the Household Travel Surveys (HTS) for those cities). This is a first step in the CRCLCL’s research on the development of a cobenefits calculator, which will account for health and associated productivity co-benefits from environmental modifications designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

The output from this scoping study will be a comprehensive report on current Australian policies for urban planning and health, at national, state and regional levels and information on current levels of active transport usage in metropolitan areas. The focus of this review will be on the extent to which the current policies indicate the adoption of, or interest in, a co-benefits framework and their potential to do so if this has not yet occurred. This scoping study will provide the basis for future research projects (e.g. RP2013) aimed expressly at determining the economic co-benefits (in improved health and productivity) from low carbon precinct planning and design.

Publications related to this project

Peer Reviewed Research Publications

This paper analyses current active transport usage in a car-dependent metropolis using household travel survey data

CRCLCL Project Reports

This report, the second output of the scoping study RP2015, describes baseline levels of active transport usage in Australian cities, and thus provides a platform from which future interventions in low carbon precinct planning and design can be assessed in terms of their capability to increase...

CRCLCL Project Reports

This report provides a review of international research on the health and productivity co-benefits of low carbon planning and design for precincts, examining and discussing current Australian policies in this area.

CRCLCL Project Posters

Research Snapshot A3 size poster from Participants Annual Forum 2014