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RP2001: Scoping Study - Precinct Design & Assess Tools

Project leader name: 
Professor Peter Newton
Project status: 
Project period: 
12/2012 to 11/2013

This project evaluated urban precinct assessment tools to identify the level of collaboration, standardisation of information, data and processes required to develop a 21st century design tool. The aim of such a tool is to evaluate the carbon imprint and sustainability of current and future built environments, and to provide a common environmental rating system for urban precincts. A standardised system will improve the current fragmented approach to precinct assessment.

Publications related to this project

Peer Reviewed Research Publications

Evidence continues to mount concerning the contribution that carbon emissions from human activity are making to climate change, the costs that this will impose on future generations if unabated and the challenging GHG mitigation targets and strategies required to minimize temperature increase...

CRCLCL Project Posters

Research Snapshot A3 size poster from Participants Annual Forum 2014

CRCLCL Project Reports

Report by: Peter Newton, David Marchant, John Mitchell, Jim Plume, Seongwon Seo & Rob Roggema, August 2013