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Book launch: Decarbonising the Built Environment

Posted 27 August 2019 - 10:38am

A new book highlighting the knowledge and innovation that has emerged from CRC for Low Carbon Living research over the Centre's lifespan will form a major part of its legacy.

Decarbonising the Built Environment:Charting the Transitionpublished by Palgrave Macmillan will be launched tomorrow by Swinburne Centre for Urban Transitions, the CRCLCL and Arup - at its award winning offices in Melbourne. 

This important new book answers a critical question for Australia’s future. In the urgent quest to ‘decarbonise’ our cities, how will we get there?

Over seven years of unprecedented collaboration between Australian researchers together with multiple industries, businesses and government agencies that shape the way we live, the CRCLCL has charted a clear, new evidence-based course.

Edited by Peter Newton (Swinburne University), Deo Prasad (CRCLCL), Alistair Sproul (UNSW) and Stephen White (CSIRO), the book showcases a wide array of innovations in technology, institutional and social practices that transcend building, precinct and city designs, charting pathways for a rapid transition to low carbon living in 21st century cities.

According to CRCLCL Chair, The Hon Robert Hill AO, the core themes and key projects featured reflect the CRCLCL's ultimate goal.

"That is, to inform the cost-effective reduction of carbon emissions generated by the built environment, while fostering industry competitiveness, improving the quality of urban life and building resilience to climate change," he said.

"This was always a deliberately ambitious brief. By providing both the long-term vision needed to guide transformative change and the close-up, detailed understanding of each and every piece in the complex puzzle of sustainable urban development, this book demonstrates the wisdom of setting the bar high.

"Decarbonising the Built Environment: Charting the Transition delivers an effective new road map to the many and varied stakeholders who will drive, or adopt, urgently needed change." 

To order the book click HERE.