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New Living Lab to visualise energy and water use in real-time

Posted 1 March 2019 - 3:09pm

The real-time visualisation of peer-to-peer trading in solar energy and water is being funded by the CRC for Low Carbon Living (CRCLCL) in what will be its seventeenth Living Lab – a mobile, modular facility called Legacy.

Legacy will showcase technologies and techniques gleaned from the CRCLCL’s existing Living Labs, plus provide a showroom for the world’s first residential development to feature peer-to-peer trading of both renewable energy across the grid and shared alterative water systems. The 35-home development will be located at the Knutsford East Village site in Freemantle, Western Australia.

Legacy is appropriately named as it will continue the substantial research the CRCLCL established in their ‘learn by doing’ Labs after the Centre reaches completion in June 2019.

Led by Professor Greg Morrison of the Curtin University Sustainable Policy Institute, Legacy will visualise CRCLCL smart energy and water trading data in real-time from its Living Laboratories in White Gum Valley, Freemantle and Knutsford, as well as providing commercial and display space for industry partners.

“The visualisation part of the project is funded by the CRCLCL and will provide a compelling interactive experience where potential buyers of Knutsford site homes can ‘see’ how trading actually works,” said Professor Morrison.

“In our modern world most solar and water trading users are not scientists or data experts, so visualising how data tells a story is imperative for consumer uptake, which is where this project really fills a void,” he said.

“This first stage of the Legacy project will engage industry and researchers through the areas allocated: visualisation, commercial, prototyping, technology and apartment display.

“Because Legacy is modular, we can also re-locate it to showcase low carbon living in other locations,” said Professor Morrison.

The CRCLCL funding will support the work of computational scientist Rebecca Lange who will establish the online visualisation room for use by researchers and stakeholders.

Legacy’s other major stakeholders are Curtin University, Landcorp, Smart Cities Plan and Fleetwood Australia, with support from other organisations including Bluescope Steel.  

The establishment of Legacy marks the first phase of iHub a national research collaboration involving five universities (Curtin, Swinburne, UNSW Sydney, Monash and the University of Queensland) aimed at supporting smarter urban planning, design and management.

The module will be revealed but not complete during Curtin University’s Research Rumble event on 25 March 2019 and the finalised module will be in place at the Knutsford site by the end of May.