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Deo Prasad - Utzon lecture

Posted 19 September 2012 - 12:00pm

'Envisioning Low Carbon Cities; challenges and opportunities'
19 September 2012, University of New South Wales
This lecture discussed the issues that surround the transition to a lower-carbon future. Referencing a global and Australian context, Professor Deo Prasad discussed the lower-carbon possibilities that are within reach as well as the role that national research initiatives, such as the recently established UNSW Co-operative Research Centre for Lower Carbon Living – innovations for the built environment sector, will play in enabling a lower-carbon future. 
The presentation also touched upon design and planning innovations which may aid this transition and discuss whether they can be fully captured and utilised by the built environment sector. The role of technologies and tools will be discussed in comparison with the role of social innovations, noting the importance of an engaged community in the delivery of a low carbon future. The lecture concluded on visions for a lower carbon future.